Our Mission

Within our areas of specialization –Risk Management, Insurance and Reinsurance- we take the challenge and responsibility of implementing projects with the highest professional and ethical standards.
We provide coordinated management of human resource and capital, in Colombia as well as in the Latin American region, to support our customers in the conceptualization, design, implementation, execution and monitoring of projects in two directions: outward and inward the organization:

- On one hand, we act as consultants to our customers, identifying strategic growth opportunities based on innovating in products, services and distribution channels, as well as developing projects of organic growth, launching new operations, mergers and acquisitions.

- On the other hand, we support our customers in project management that favor the efficiency in their business models and operations, for better administrative practices, allowing adaptation to regulatory change and to modifications on market dynamics.

We also identify business opportunities and create ventures, to which we invite clients and investors to participate in the implementation and execution process.

Added Value Proposal

We offer our clients a valuable combination of knowledge, experience and networking skills within the insurance and reinsurance sector, supported by project management methodologies that promote excellent implementation and execution capabilities.

Areas of Specialization

Risk Management
We support our customers in the development of risk management projects, helping them to identify, classify, evaluate and determine the best options of treatment of the risks to which they are exposed. We evaluate alternatives of risk transfer and provide support in areas not directly related to insurance or reinsurance brokerage.
We develop projects for insurance companies and other participants within their value chain, in life and social security, property and casualty, and surety insurances. We provide solutions related with project feasibility analysis, new product design, marketing and operation schemes design, process analysis, definition and replication of better practices, application of risk management techniques, audit and claim management.
We manage projects for reinsurance companies and reinsurance brokers. Based on our experience and networking skills in the international reinsurance market, we participate in feasibility analysis of expansion projects, in developing growth strategies with new products and services, in evaluating and managing the reinsurance portfolio, and optimizing operational, business and marketing processes.

Project Management
We offer support on the project’s conceptualization, design, implementation, execution and monitoring in order to bring our customer’s ideas to life. We assist our clients through the different stages of a project, visualizing it from beginning to end and guaranteeing that their vision becomes a reality.

Our Clients

We manage projects within the insurance and reinsurance sector, as well as projects for organizations exposed to risks, for business associations, suppliers of the insurance and reinsurance sector and organizations focused on insurance supervision.
Insurance and reinsurance sector
  • Insurance brokers
  • Insurance companies
  • Reinsurance brokers
  • Reinsurers
  • Exposed to risks
  • Associative entities
  • Suppliers of the insurance and reinsurance sector
  • Insurance supervisors

Testimonies of some of our most important clients:
“CONECTUM has supported us importantly in the concept development, justification and analysis of a new business and marketing scheme for our services, following the model of multilevel distribution”

Gonzalo Sanín Posada, President,
DeLima Marsh
“CONECTUM’s intervention has been a key factor for the diagnosis, organization and execution of an efficient process of risk management and underwriting for an important part of our business in Latin America”

Iván Vega, Senior Vice President (Latin America and Caribbean)
White Mountains Re America.
“CONECTUM has been highly effective identifying, facilitating contact and generating business opportunities for our regional expansion strategy.”

Jaime Jean Francois, Vice President - CEO,
Mundial Desarrollo, Grupo Mundial Panamá.
“We should highlight the professionalism demonstrated by CONECTUM in the development of the feasibility study for our company in Colombia”

Michel Dubernet, Regional Manager for Latin America,
Cardif Insurance Group
“CONECTUM has been an important support in the analysis of new business opportunities for POSITIVA and in the development of the corresponding commercial, technical and financial feasibility studies”.

Gilberto Quinche, President,
POSITIVA Insurance Company.(Colombia)


Products and Services

For Growth
  • Strategic orientation
  • Market research
  • Feasibility studies (companies, products, channels)
  • Validation of business models
  • Strategic alliances
  • Product development
  • Development of distribution channels
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Targeting investors
  • Loyalty / fidelity programs

For Operation
  • Risk management systems and research
  • Management and Reinsurance information systems
  • Outsourcing of operations
  • Management of run-off companies and lines of business
  • Balance reconciliation and recovery
  • Claim audit and management
  • Review of insurance and reinsurance structures
  • Review of better practices and processes
  • Adaptation to regulatory changes

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Process, information and technology management
  • Promotion and facilitation management
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Our Team


Julián Efrén Ossa
Business Administration, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia. Julián has occupied important positions within the insurance and reinsurance industry in Latin America and has had significant experience in diverse stages of the value chain. Julián Efrén Ossa has been Vice President of Compañía Agrícola de Seguros, President of Seguros Tequendama and President of Aseguradora Grancolombiana; has also worked as a reinsurer, as Manager for Latin America at Hamburger International Rück and has participated with great success in the area of reinsurance brokerage, where he founded Alexander Howden Ossa. He was later appointed President of Aon Re Colombia and finally Co-Chairman of Aon Re Latin America, position that he performed until he retired to constitute CONECTUM as a founding partner.

Julián has led projects of establishment of new insurance companies and of acquisition of existing ones in Colombia, of strategic alliances between international insurance companies and Latin American insurance companies, of design and execution of regional expansion strategies, risk analysis and models of risk retention and transfer.
Santiago Jaramillo
Business Administration, Boston College. MBA, MHA (Master in Health Administration), University of North Carolina. Santiago Jaramillo has been an Underwriting Assistant at Hartford Re, Assistant to the Presidency of Aon Re Colombia and currently is part of the top management of Sigma Dental de Colombia, where he is the Executive Vice President. Santiago is one of the founding partners of CONECTUM and is a constant contributor to various projects’ conception and development, concentrating on regional expansion projects for reinsurers, innovation for the insured sector, retailing of insurance services and products, customer fidelity programs, brand association research and has been part of teams that work on the concept development and design of management information for the insurance industry.
José Miguel Otoya
Lawyer, Universidad San Buenaventura, Cali, Colombia. José Miguel Otoya has had important positions in the insurance brokerage area and insurance companies in Colombia. In the insurance brokerage area, he was Manager for Bogotá at Johnson & Higgins, subsequently Vice President Senior and National Leader of Affinity Groups at DeLima Marsh. As an insurer, he was the Service and Commercial Vice President at Mundial de Seguros, position he retired from to join the group of founding partners of CONECTUM.

José Miguel is the General Manager of CONECTUM and has led insurance companies’ constitution and acquisition projects in Colombia and projects of distribution channels and business models in the insurance sector. He has led consulting projects on performance claims in Latin America, projects of concept development and design of managerial information systems for the insurance industry, and has been part of teams that have developed projects of portfolio diagnosis in surety and management of the same until their extinction.
Mauricio Parra
Civil Engineer, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. Mauricio Parra is a recognized executive within the insurance industry in Colombia. He began as an insurance broker at DeLima Marsh. Mauricio was then an insurer, becoming President of Mundial de Seguros and General Manager of Seguros de Personas de CIGNA (Colombia). Later he became founding associate of Aon Previsionales & Personas, a reinsurance broker specialized in social security and life risks. Mauricio was appointed President of Aon Re Colombia and excelled as an outstanding executive. He then retired to found CONECTUM with the other partners.

Mauricio’s experience includes corporate acquisition processes. His work has yielded new lines of business for the reinsurance market, assessment of risk portfolios, product innovation in the insurance sector, estimation of retention capacity for risk takers, and new channels of distribution for insurance brokers. Mauricio has been part of teams that have created diagnosis projects for portfolio reinsurance bonds, and have managed them until their extinction. In addition, his work has included consulting on performance claims and bonds in Latin America, as well as concept development and design of managerial information systems for the insurance industry.



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